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I was in my home from work, as it began - the snow, we were told in our area would not Guiet small winding country roads. Big snowstorm, real, thanks to the bbc weather - should have been warned! Not attracted to them - wearing a short skirt and tight top, the murderer of six-inch heels. was shamelessly flirting with the boss this week, hoping to look like slutty secretary to close the deal, but no luck. Dragged into the trip a bit and found a car on rulertube the road to the inner light, as I see it was a woman driving. Well, if I was stuck rulertube in this for myself I wish someone would stop to help, so he went and shook my way thro the snow, which was as high as the heels now. He knocked on the window and surprised her, she was clearly in time, even enjoyable! She seemed confused and embarrassed, and opened the door. 'Hi, sorry, but what do you put this time! ' She said, laughing at him! ' Yes,' I said, 'You 're right, you want me to call someone for you ?' 'No, do not worry, my friends along the rulertube way, should be here soon,' She caught my eye her big breasts and firm thighs bare, which was not up her skirt again. Not bad, I thought, she is definitely hot. 'I have a bottle of wine here, if you want to rulertube join me, I was on my way to a party when I got stuck,' Why did not I, I said to my car now increasingly covered in the second - ' you see I have to stay here. ' The two got into the backseat of his car with a lot more comfortable than the front, I'm thinking the last time rulertube I was in the backseat of a car with my ex. We passed through a chat nice and polished wine when the conversation turned to how they were dressed. 'They have fantastic legs trying to impress someone ?' I told him I had been single for a while and was so hot for my married rulertube boss, this team was a poor attempt to conclude the transaction. 'Well,do not know what he misses, you're awesome, ' she said as she began to rub her handup my thigh. I immediately wet hand feel closer to my pussy was electric. I looked into his eyes deep blue, and were looking at each other, stroking each thinghs intenetly other and pulled the skirt. eachothers pussys fingers reached our throbbing clit and started with our hands in time with each other, riding the waves of orgasm, just together silently staring into the eyes. I could not, I leaned forward and kissed her passionately. Our tongues wrapped around the mouth, moaning softly and pulled each other 's clothes. Soon we were naked, shivering with cold and excitement . I put in the seat and kissed me on the way to her breasts, her hard nipples in my mouth, my fingers still carressing her clit, licking and kissing the smooth flat belly. he was soon on his thighs, my face inches from her pussy , rising from his body antispationmy tongue. I kissed her thighs, gently rulertube bit and licked my way to her shaved pussy as she moaned for me. Finally, my tongue reached her swollen clitoris, she circled her pussy, the background area rulertube of your joy moist and soft. I was running at the same time gave him the feeling in the highest peaks of the ogasm and asked me to stop, but I rulertube wanted more than I had reached my peak as well. I nerver etc giving head, the man turned around, this can not be compared. I feel stronger when I was there! Or so I thought ! She turned away from her, I protest that I needed more. rulertube ' Always more ' he said as I stood on the seat and began to kiss my mouth hard, smile at my wet pussy, her fingers gently at first, then deeper and deeper as they complained more. He has worked in my breasts. 'Bite me, it's hard,' he pleaded. That the obligation and took my nipple into her mouth to chew and suck gently. Biting my breasts while she stillhis magic fingers. I began to have an orgasm, the wave again. He kissed his way down, I bite hard on the thigh. He bruises me feel comfortable to leave - a reminder of this! Finally, the tongue began licking, tasting my clit, his fingers caressing at the same time. We groaned and rith in your car. I saw snow falling realize I did not feel cold to joy, pure. Most I've done. When I took my climax I stroked her hair, held her on his shoulders and tried to reach her ​​breasts need more and more into contact with any part of it. She felt this and made ​​his way to my body, my sweet version passed and we put it gently kiss and our tongues and lips savoring the success time, I can hear applause, I thought. I opened my eyes, as she wanted and looked out the window, realizing that there is a real world out there. Shit ! Who is! I had a big smile on a look, kid fitnessMr. thro the window and smiles. 'It seems that my friends here to save us,' he said with rulertube a wry smile. ' Who needs a bailout,' he said. ' I think we did very well on our own !'
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